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Super Bowl Sunday will see increased DUI lookouts

Many Hartford residents will be on their couch and in front of a TV this Sunday as the Super Bowl is contested between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Every year, Super Bowl Sunday acts like a national holiday, where people all across the country come together, have a few drinks, enjoy some greasy food and watch football.

This also leads to some people consuming a few too many beverages -- which can lead to a dangerous scene on the road. No one should drive drunk; but no one should be wrongfully convicted or inappropriately charged for such a crime either. Driving under the influence is a very serious crime that can lead to a variety of severe penalties, let alone the professional and personal side effects such a charge can create.

With this in mind, Connecticut State Troopers will be keeping an eye out this Sunday as people travel all across the state to go to Super Bowl parties. Law enforcement made no mention of DUI checkpoints in the source article, though that could be an option they deploy. Instead, it just sounds like there will be increased enforcement this weekend.

Two months ago, we wrote about DUI checkpoints -- and their somewhat convoluted nature. The police have to announce them in advance, otherwise the results of any blood or breath test would be inadmissible in court. In such a scenario, the charges would likely be dropped.

Remember that Connecticut officials must reveal the time and location of any DUI checkpoints to ensure that the Fourth Amendment rights of local residents are not infringed.

Source: Hartford Courant, "Troopers On Watch For Drunken Drivers On Super Bowl Sunday," Christine Dempsey, Jan. 31, 2013

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